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Find motorcycle and ATV insurance for Venetia, PA, Eighty Four, PA, and Southpointe, PA with Day Insurance Agency, Inc. We are the area’s leading expert in understanding Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, RV, and Side-By-Side coverage. Besides insuring your motorcycle and ATV, we offer affordable auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and life insurance. Many of these insurance companies provide online claims and payment options. Contact us at (724) 228-3448 or (724) 356-7700 or online for a quote, make a referral, or for more information.

PA Regulations for Motorcycle and ATV Insurance: A Brief Explanation

In Pennsylvania, the law requires minimum liability insurance for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and for motorcycles. Having Motorcycle/ATV insurances protects their operators in case of an accident. Similar to auto insurance, minimum liability policies also protect against vandalism and theft. Usually, ATV/Motorcycle insurances also pay out for expenses due to injuries and property damage, if the driver is at fault. 

Motorcycle Insurance

All motorcycles potentially driven on public roads must be insured, per the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT.) Minimum liability coverage required, according to PennDOT, is $15,000 bodily injury, $30,000 each accident, and $5,000 property damage. Additionally, PennDOT requires motorcycle drivers wear protective headgear if under 21 years old. As an exception to this requirement, the operator must have two years of riding experience. Another exception is the operator needs to complete a motorcycle safety course. PennDOT and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation each have standards by which the safety course must meet.

ATV Insurance  

There is no established minimum amount of liability insurance for ATVs in PA. All non-commercial ATVs must be registered and titled with The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Snowmobile/ATV Section. Applying for general registration allows the operation of such ATVs off the owner or operator’s private property. Opting for limited registration allows for operating the ATVs exclusively on the owner’s or operator’s property. If solely used by a government entity or for agricultural or business purposes, ATVs do not require registration. Neither is registration required for dealers who only use the ATV in connection with their businesses. However, dealers are required to obtain a dealer registration certificate. If ATV owners plan to ride on others’ properties, per the PA DCNR, they need to carry liability insurance.

Insurance Coverage for UTVs, RVs, and Side-By-Side Vehicles

In Venetia, PA, Eighty Four, PA, and Southpointe, PA, the number of UTVs, RVs, and Side-By-Side vehicles continues to grow. One easy way to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage is to talk with Day Insurance Agency, Inc. We insure motorcycles, ATVs, and the variety of off-road vehicles popular today.

Ensure your on- and off-road vehicles are covered for operators and riders, on and off your property. Review coverages amounts for liability, accidents, life, and more. Covering a variety of vehicles in Southwestern Pennsylvania gives Day Insurance Agency Inc. an edge over many other providers. Contact us today for a quote in and around:

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