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Covid-19 Relief for Policy Holders

As per ERIE Insurance Group press release on Monday April 20, 2020.

“The auto insurance rate reductions announced recently will provide longer-term financial relief. Today, we are announcing additional, immediate financial relief through $200 million in dividends to be paid directly to personal and commercial auto insurance customers across our footprint.”

We hope to gain prompt regulatory approval in those states that will require it. A few key details as we move forward:

  1. This dividend payout will be paid to personal and commercial auto (fleet and non-fleet) insurance customers with policies in force as of April 01, 2020.
  2. The dividend payout represents about 30 percent of two months’ auto insurance premium for an eligible customer. That translates to 5% of a customer’s annual premium.
  3. Customers will receive a single check for the dividend in the mail in mid-May.

Simplified and estimated example of how the calculation would work.

Annual Auto premium as of April 1st x 30% divided by 6.

Example: $1,200 x 30% divided by 6 = $60 check to be received in mid-May.

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